Soundtrack your active life with the new SonicSport headphone range from Audio-Technica

ath_sport2_bl_3_sqAudio-Technica’s new trio of SonicSport headphones – the ATH-SPORT1, ATH-SPORT2 and ATH-SPORT3 – cater for all active lifestyles, from the health-conscious person who’s looking to keep fit through to athletes in training. Following on from the popular 
 ATH-CKP200, these in-ear models combine a robust and waterproof design with top quality fidelity to soundtrack sporting activities.

All three models are designed for a secure but comfortable in-ear fit during a strenuous workout. Active-fit ear tips (supplied in S, M and L sizes) allow ambient noise in to increase awareness and safety when running outdoors without compromising on the audio performance. The SonicSport headphone series has also been lab tested and certified with an IPX5 waterproof rating to withstand exercise in the rain or during an intense workout, while they can be washed under a running tap after a long workout or run. A new cord design has also been introduced to all three headphones to reduce wire tangle and unwanted noise that can adversely affect audio performance.

The top of the range ATH-SPORT3 is designed for the serious athlete who demands prolonged comfort and a high level audio performance to soundtrack their intense workouts. Featuring a flexible but secure ear hanger design taken from Audio-Technica’s IM headphone series and soft silicone housing for added comfort, these in-ear headphones sport 10mm drivers that deliver dynamic and detailed fidelity. To control the air flow and produce rich bass sounds when out running, a waterproof IXP5-certified duct has been fitted along with integrated stabilisers to minimise any sonic distortion.

Adopting the more traditional in-ear design without the ear hanger, the ATH-SPORT2 model is perfect for those who wear sunglasses during their sporting activity. Arriving with three different-sized silicone housing rings, these are flexible enough to find a secure and snug fit for different shaped ears, while its soft, lightweight body design reduces in- ear fatigue during lengthy training sessions. To eliminate dangerous cable tangle when running, rear-angled bushing guides angle the wire in a backward direction. 10mm drivers deliver clear fidelity to inspire users to reach their fitness goals.

ath_sport1_pk_1_sqThe ATH-SPORT1 will appeal to the more fashion conscious runner who likes to match and combine accessories with sports apparel. Its adjustable ‘swing around the ear’ hanger provides a sturdy and comfortable fit that won’t come loose when running. Soft oval rubber rings around the housing deliver a cushioned in-ear fit while its 8.5mm driver pumps out a weighty and energetic audio to accompany those demanding activities. The ATH-SPORT1iS model adds an inline mic with smartphone audio control.

Robert Morgan-Males, Marketing Director, Audio-Technica says,, “Major sporting events over the last year have inspired people to be more active and healthy. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get fit or a serious athlete training for competitions, listening to music during a workout can provide extra motivation. Audio- Technica’s new trio of SonicSport headphones are ideal for any type of active lifestyle.”

Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT1 is available now, priced £22 (Inc. VAT)

Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT1iS is available now, priced £30 (Inc. VAT)

Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT2 is available now, priced £34 (Inc. VAT)

Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT3 is available now, priced £49 (Inc. VAT)

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